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Off The Shelf: A Look At Velvet #1 Comic Review

Marvel studios’ highly anticipated movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hit theatres this spring. The creator of super villain the Winter Soldier is writer Ed Brubaker and he has reunited with Captain America illustrator Steve Epting in a brand new Image comic series titled Velvet.

velvet1-2x3-72-cc920Velvet is a dark espionage thriller set in the Cold War era. After an elite operative from a highly covert spy agency is assassinated, the Director’s personal assistant, Velvet Templeton, becomes entangled in a twisted murder conspiracy. But no knows about Velvet’s mysterious past. Velvet must draw upon her experience as a super-spy decades ago to stay alive and unravel the assassination plot.

For a complete summary and review of Velvet Issue #1, please continue reading the full length article at The Speech Bubble.  Also, be sure to follow the excellent comic blog The Speech Bubble for daily postings including features such as Retroactive (Flash, Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil), Weekly Rankings, Top Covers and many more. Off The Shelf is a great comic feature about “Trying Something New” each week in the hopes of finding a hidden gem.


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