Game Of Thrones: Inside Season 3 Episode 1 “Valar Dohaeris” and Episode 2 “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

HBO’s Game Of Thrones 301 & 302 Discussion

Since Game Of Thrones debuted on HBO, it has captured my imagination unlike any other show or movie franchise. After an episode is over, the medieval fantasy world of Game Of Thrones is still on my mind. I’m completely invested in the journey of characters such as Tyrion, Arya and Jon Snow. And who wouldn’t want their own direwolf or dragon?

I absolutely enjoy discussing other shows I cover on this blog with fellow fans and I hope to do the same with Game Of Thrones. Whether you are a game of thrones veteran or rookie, feel free to share your perspective, insight or questions in the comment section.

Because the show has so many characters and locations it would be overwhelming for me to recap every story beat. Instead, I plan on breaking down each post into a few different short sections:

Open Discussion

• Who are your favorite characters and why are they compelling?

Game Of Thrones is more than about people scheming for power. I connect the most with characters who are either marginalized in Westeros society or try to define their own identity and value system. For example, Dany strongly believes in abolishing slavery however she will need to compromise her principles to attain an army of eunuch slaves soldiers.

As for Jon, since joining the Wildlings he is no longer bound by oath to the Night’s Watch or obliged to bend the knee to any King. He’s free to follow his own beliefs and it’s not as simple as choosing which side he’s on.

While Jon does not carry the Stark name and is not entitled to any inheritance because he’s a bastard, Tyrion’s birthright is denied to him by his father. Tyrion wants gratitude for saving King’s Landing but also recognition from his father that’s he is Twyin’s son, a Lannister, which is what inheriting Casterly Rock means to him.  Tywin’s scathing attack on Tyrion pinpoints everything we need to know about their relationship. Tyrion always has a clever retort but all he can do is walk away, crushed and defeated. It’s also my favorite moment from “Valar Dohaeris“. The scene with Shae in Episode 2 feels a bit tacked on however we’ve haven’t seen him this vulnerable before.

In every scene with Brienne, someone is always telling her how she’s like a man (or Jamie’s jest that she’s too much man for Renly). She refuses to be bound by other people’s definition of gender. Wouldn’t she be a great role model for Arya? Even in manacles, Jamie is a deadly swordsmen so it’s no small feat for Brienne to get the upper hand in their duel.

Do Jorah and Cersei feel they are replaceable?

In two separate scenes featuring Jorah and Cersei they both face situations that are not dissimilar. Cersei as Queen Regent is arguably the most powerful women in the seven kingdoms but her status is at stake because Margaery will be The Queen after her marriage to Joffrey. Cersei’s is well aware her power and youth are fleeting. Additionally, she has to choose her words carefully when speaking to her son whom she can no longer control while Margaery has Joffrey wrapped around her finger. As for Jorah, his status (as Dany’s trusted advisor) is similarly threatened with the arrival of a newcomer, Ser Barristan Selmy – the greatest knight in Westeros with a history of serving the Targaryen’s.

How would you grade Margaery’s game play so far?

Margaery is playing the game hard. She can appear sweet but we as recall from Season 2, she used all of her womanly charms in an attempt to bed Kingly Renly. It’s one thing to be crowned Queen but Margaery’s plan is to win the hearts of the common people and shape her public persona with charity work. Varys has his little birds while Margaery gets the word on the street directly from the very people that rioted against Joffrey. Sansa told her and the Queen of Thorns that Joffrey is a monster. Realizing that Joffrey gets off on killing things, she plays on his sadism and ego. Gently stroking the cross-bow on Joffrey’s lap summed up my favorite scene from Dark Wings, Dark Words. A+

Who are your favorite duos in Season 3 so far?

In season 2, every scene featuring Tyrion & Cersei and Arya & Twyin were the highlights of the episode for me. In Dark Wings, Dark Words, Jamie Lannister badgering Brienne is too funny! Plus, I’m looking forward to how Arya vs The Hound will play out. And of course, Jojen and Meera Reed can help Bran with his warging and visions.

Other Tidbits

Valar Morghulis, the episode title of the season 2 finale, translates to all men must die in High Valyrian. It is a customary saying in Essos, and is traditionally answered with “Valar Dohaeris” which means all men must serve.[source]

• In the opening credit sequence Winterfell is smoldering since it was burnt in the Season 2 finale. Only actors that appear in the episode are credited. Their house sigil is displayed beside their name. The slave city of Astapor is a new addition to the map replacing Qarth.

• In the audio commentary for the Season 2 finale, director Alan Taylor confirmed that the White Walker looked directly at Sam but kept riding because Sam was trivial.

• Dragons do not eat raw meat which is why the fish was scorched before it was swallowed.

• Lord Kastark is a notable bannerman of the Starks. His sons were killed by Jamie Lannister.

• The man who was aided by Talisa and Robb is named Qyburn.

• Game Of Thrones has not done any flashbacks yet. However, Bran’s dream sequence/vision of the past featuring Jon and Robb was a callback to the pilot episode. It’s great to see the Starks together. Ned’s Stark presence was felt throughout Dark Wing, Dark Words. Literally, as a voice in the trees and Tyrion’s line, “We’ve come to a dangerous place”. Tyrion previously said that to Shae before as did Ned to Arya. Then there was Catelyn’s monologue about Ned bringing home baby Jon.

Dialogue To Die For

Jon: “When I’m free, will I be free to go?.” Ygritte: “Sure you will, then I’ll be free to kill you.”

Tyrion to Cersei: “Grand Maester Pycelle made the same joke. You must be proud to be as funny as a man whose balls brush his knees.”

Cersei: “You’re a clever man, but you’re not half as clever as you think you are.” Tyrion: “Still makes me more clever than you.”

Tyrion: “I don’t even know how much I’m paying you now.” Bronn: “Which means you can afford it.”

Missandei to Daenerys: “My master points out that men don’t need nipples.”

Tywin to Tyrion: “You are an ill-made, spiteful little creature, full of envy, lust, and low cunning.”

Jamie on Renly: “It’s a shame the throne isn’t made out of c*cks, they would never have gotten him off it.”

Jamie to Brienne: “He preferred curly haired little girls like Loras Tyrell. You’re far too much man for him.”

What are your favorite scenes in the first two episodes of Season 3? Which story line are you most invested in? What is your favorite line?

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  1. So much to respond to. My favorite characters in the series are definitely Dany and Arya. Dany was probably my favorite character in the first episode. This week I’d go with Jaime. He was a riot and him and Brienne make such an odd pairing. It’s awesome.

    The best scene was probably that one where Tywin tore down Tyrion. I’d have to go with one of those lines from Jaime you wrote down as my favorite line. He is seriously hilarious.

    Another pairing I’m excited to see more of is Jon and Ygritte. They were quite funny together in the book I thought. And Arya and The Hound like you mentioned.

    I have to say the sword fight was cool, but better in my imagination after reading the book. That is bound to happen a few times since I read the book first this season. There are a couple of trial by combats I am dying to see from A Storm of Swords. I hope they really nail those scenes. One is definitely a Season 4 scene I imagine.

    • The actress that plays Dany makes me like the character even more than the book version, especially in Season 1. Based on some fan reaction to Dany last season, I think the writers will be more careful with her portrayal. She’s definitely one to watch this season and she’s one of my favorites too along with Arya and Tyrion. I don’t mind that she’s not in episode 2 because I prefer that every time we see her something significant should develop rather than just checking in.

      Twyin and Tyrion is my favorite scene from Episode 1 as well! Whenever dialogue or a scene is directly from the book it really shines on the show.

      Yeah, Jon and Ygritte scenes gets some good laughs. I wonder what a conversation between Ygritte and Jamie would sound like because they like to humorously berate their partner. Jamie’s “fondness” for his sister would make great material for Ygritte to riff on. 🙂

      I thought the same thing about the sword fight. Also because I’m watching Spartacus, it’s hard to compete with it’s great fight choreography. In the season preview trailers, there’s a glimpse of one of the combats, very cool or should I say hot? Yes, I imagine the other would be saved for Season 4. So many great story lines and more Jamie and Brienne to look forward to! Awesome discussing GOT with you!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like to participate, stop by my blog for rules. If You do not want to participate, that’s fine too. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your blog.

  3. Was hoping that Margaery was going to shoot Joffrey with that crossbow and claim it was an accident.

    nice write up, almost time for a new episode tonight 🙂

    • I’m sure many more fans of the show wanted Margaery to shoot Joffrey as well. Haha. I’m really looking forward to the new episode. I want to watch what happens next with Dany. Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂

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