Question of the Month: Worst Comic Book Movie

What’s the Worst Comic Book Movie? Check out another great edition of Oracle Of Film’s Question Of The Month! Terrific answers from everyone!

Oracle of Film

It’s a tough life for a comic book movie. While they might be surpassing all expectations, they don’t have too much choice. Even before Marvel set the bar terrifyingly high with Avengers Assemble, the stakes were high. These characters have become myths, legends to their fans. Most superhero comics were created as a form of escapism during the Great Depression, so they have a special place in our hearts. These movies have the tough job of living up to that, so it stands to reason that some superhero movies are going to fail miserably. Below, you guys, have been given a chance to rant about the worst of those movies.

I have also included a sub-category, where each of you described Joffrey in three words. Be warned, I have permitted very strong language to be used, seeing as we are talking about everyone’s favourite Game of Thrones character. I personally…

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  1. I guess there are a lot you could add to this list, but I am going to have to say, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. It was just so terrible, but mostly because the studio gave the film such a low budget and the Director was not the greatest either. Fixing those two issues would have made for a more solid film, and a much better send off for Christopher Reeve

    • Good choice, I saw bits and pieces of Superman IV on TV but it was too terrible to watch it all. 🙂 It’s too bad the studio gave the film a low budget and went with a less capable director. Superman II was great though, I guess that’s how I’ll remember Christopher Reeve as.

  2. It’s hard for anything to top Batman and Robin as worst comic book movie. I’m stilling dealing with the trauma from that one. 😉

  3. Good choice man, I couldn’t submit anything this month — I couldn’t think of anything!!! 😛

    • Hey Tom! it was hard for me to pick because a lot terrible comic books movies like Catwoman, The Spirit etc I haven’t watched. I didn’t feel like picking Batman and Robin either because I knew others would be writing about it haha:)

  4. Green Lantern was particularly awful.

  5. Dragon Ball!!!! That was one super awful movie. They made it too Americanize. I wish Hollywood never touch Japanese Manga (comic) ever again…leave it to the Japanese.

    • I think I remember the reviews for Dragon Ball were pretty bad and I never watched it. I didn’t grow up watching Dragon Ball though it was pretty popular here too. Too bad to hear Hollywood ruined it.

      • Ah…contrary to you, I grew up with Japanese Anime/Manga so I know more about those than American Comic.

        At least Hollywood did better work with Godzilla 🙂

  6. Batman and Robin has to be up there as one of the worst. I thought Thor was pretty poor too.

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