The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 “Too Far Gone” Review


In The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8, the survivors are emotionally devastated when a beloved character dies after the Governor shows up at the prison with a tank!

Continue reading for a spoiler filled review of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 mid-season finale entitled “Too Far Gone”.

Prison Showdown Version 2.0

Let’s start off with some general thoughts before getting into the specifics. I can count on more than one hand the number of awesome moments in “Too Far Gone”. For fans waiting for something major to happen all season, we get everything happening within a jam-packed episode. The Governor’s saga is brought to a satisfying conclusion and we finally say goodbye to the prison. You still remember the prison right? It’s only been a couple of episodes since we’ve spent quality time with the prison crew. 😉

“Too Far Gone” is an example of where the sum of the individual great scenes doesn’t necessarily elevate a very strong episode into an amazing one. Although the episode delivered everything I wanted, I can’t help but to wonder if it’s half a season too late. I’m was open-minded to the Governor returning and immensely enjoyed his character-centric episodes this season but the story is retreading on familiar territory.

To a certain extent, there’s a bit of predictability and inevitability by coming back full circle with the Governor vs Prison storyline. By taking a Mulligan or do-over, I get the feeling that the writers are checking off a list of things they should have done the first time around. This is an unfortunate nitpick but it should be pointed out considering the TV show is already that second chance to correct or improve upon whatever happens in the comics.

Spaghetti Tuesdays (On Wednesdays)

In Season 2, Hershel was ill-equipped to survive outside the safe confines of his farm. Over time, his kindness, perseverance and belief in hope grew on me. Hershel’s a beloved father figure and moral anchor in which all the other the survivors can rely on when they lose their way. He’ll definitely be missed.

However, Hershel’s brutal death wasn’t a shock to me. The first half of the season was building up to the moment his head is hacked off. His passionate speech about choosing what to risk his life for and selflessly helping those infected prepared me for his expected demise. I had already accepted the possibility of Hershel’s death in “Internment” so in my mind he was living on borrowed time.

I appreciated that in Hershel’s last moment he didn’t have a look of fear or regret in his eyes rather he’s at peace with his fate. Hershel can smile knowing that he positively influenced Rick to believe that each person can come back from being morally or psychologically damaged.


Too Far Gone

While Rick is reluctant to make decisions for the prison group, the Governor returned to his dictatorship ways by staging the coup in Martinez’s camp. Their differences also lie in their beliefs whether someone can come back from the things they’ve done and who they’ve become.

I don’t know if Rick really believed that the two camps could peacefully co-exist in the same prison complex but he was willing to put the offer on the table to save Hershel’s life. In the Governor’s case, he has too much blood on his hands to be redeemed or rehabilitated. The Gov’s need to inflict pain and put people under his control is so deeply embedded into his being it can’t be undone.

To paraphrase what Robert Kirkman said on the Talking Dead after show, the Governor sliced up Hershel because he dropped the veil or pretense and embraced who he is: a sadistic killer. The fist fight between the Gov and Rick is a long time in the making but I think it’s fitting that Michonne gets in on the action because she’s really the Gov’s true nemesis.

While the Gov couldn’t let go undead Penny he instantly blew Megan’s brain. Lily saw the Governor for who he truly is. She realized that the Governor used ‘protecting the family’ as a justification for the terrible things he wanted do.  Whatever was going through Lily mind when she shot the Gov, she prevented him from coming back as a zombie or eaten alive by the approaching walkers which is a kinder fate than he deserved.

Zombies Ate My Baby

Fans held their breath when Daryl was about to get bit. I think everyone would throw their remote control at their screen if Daryl died. The thing about this show is that anyone could die. If or when Daryl does die, it would have to be in an incredibly heroic way. I would have loved an epic battle of the bad-asses between Daryl and Mitch but I was satisfied with the quick arrow to the heart.

Another moment that caused my jaw to drop is the girls saving Tyreese. That came out of nowhere. If it wasn’t for Carol teaching the girls, Tyreese would be dead. It’s something he needs to think about if he ever learns Carol killed Karen.

With all the blood in Judith’s baby seat it might be too easy to draw our conclusions especially with Rick and Carl in tears. Robert Kirkman was evasive on what actually happened to Judith and said to tune in next episode, so it’s possible she’s not dead. No-one we saw had her when they left the prison. If she’s still alive and kicking, who saved her?

Don’t Look Back

I’m looking forward to seeing each separate group of survivors on their own to start the next half of season four. Now that they are out of the prison it rejuvenates the show because there is so much more possibilities on what can happen and in facing dangers at every turn.

Overall, the character focussed stories of the first half of the season are nicely paid off with this action intense episode. The fate of the Governor and Hershel were written on the wall but the episode delivered many memorable moments and a climatic conclusion which was missing from last season’s finale.

The Walking Dead season 4 returns to AMC on February 9, 2014.

What do you think of the episode? What happened to Judith?

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  1. Lil' Ass Kicker

    So many things to say about this mid-season finale !
    I noted that it became such a tradition to blow a tower each year. An anniversary thing ?

    Anyway, The Governor finally drove his people (again) to a crazy fight to the death (again).
    And in the end, he shoot his own fellas (again). But with a katana this time. It’s a good thing Herschel didn’t survived his injuries because he already lost a leg so I doubt people would have anything of him to bury if he continued to be crippled like this.. :-/

    A lot of deaths in this episode. But not as much corpse. Call me crazy but we didn’t see Judith after her supposed death and either the Governor’s body. Maybe the woman shot near him to show her anger but was unable to shoot him right away ? I think David Morrissey did fine with the role but it’s time to hang up the boots now, enough Governor. So I really want to be sure he’s dead for good (at least one good thing he would have done !).

    Kill Of The Week goes ex-aequo to Lizzy and friend shooting the curly-hair woman. I really didn’t expected this and didn’t saw it coming. Such a jaw dropping moment to see a little girl shooting someone. And other strong kill was the Megan 2.0 (don’t remember the name of the girl) who got bitten by the buried zombie next to the river, and then got shot by the Gov. Herschel’s death reminded me of Ned Stark’s one in Game Of Thrones. Gross but too much expected. Not as emotional as Merle’s death for example.

    The fight between Rick and The Gov was sick. But not as enjoyable as seeing Tyreese jumping and bouncing around the plants like Super Mario dodging the fire bullets ! Seriously ? The guy moved like he was in a 2D video game ! Daryl in other and made some.. Well, some Daryl’s stuffs. Blowing a tank with a grenade, stabbing a zombie coming in his back at the last second, facing 3 guys pointing guns at him by using a zombie as a shield.. Usual stuff for our apocalytpic world angel !

    To conclude, I would like to point out the fact that now everyone left the prison, we had now answers about who was feeding the walkers, studied rats anatomy and all ?! Was it Carol practicing her medical skills ? Baiting zombies with rats to study them from the inside ? Or was it some child in troubled water satisfaying his blood need, like Carl ? (the boy got too calm in my opinion, really suspect something dark about him to be revealed).

    Some answers to fall February 9th of 2014 maybe. 🙂

    • – Haha, I also noticed the watchtower on fire and blown to bits. I kept thinking it must be another tower than last season.

      – The Governor brought his people to the prison for another slaughterfest. Some people keep making the same mistakes. 🙂 Why do people follow a crazy person? Anyone who crosses paths with the Governor is in for a world of trouble

      – Poor Hershel, first his leg, then his head. Maggie and Beth can’t bury him which is sad.

      – David Morrisey is a good actor and I liked the Governor as a villain but it was time to put an end to his story. Mmm, I never considered that the Governor might still be alive. I don’t think the show would cheat his death, it would make fans upset.

      – The sight of two little girls with guns and getting a headshot is a shocker. I also thought about Ned Stark as the katana came down. I like that we got a good combination and variety of kills. Some were shockers, some were expected and Daryl’s kills is badass.

      – I’m not sure how a huge guy like Tyreese kept dodging those bullets while Bob who is smaller and under better cover gets hit. Haha, I’d play a Super mario game starring Tyreese and his hammer bros suit.

      – The mystery of the person who cut up the rats (or was that a rabbit?) is still up in the air. I think the show will pick up on that in the 2nd half. I hope Carl isn’t the one, he’s seemed well-adjusted this season. It may have been crazy Lizzy? Anyways, I’m more interested in finding out what happened to baby Judith. This half season flew by so quickly. Nice chatting with you after each episode 😉

  2. This is the episode we had been waiting for ever since Season 3. Sad to see the Governor go, but I admit his storyline couldn’t really go any farther. I also predicted Hershel’s death and I also thought Daryl would have been killed off.

    Cannot wait for Season 4.2. Wondering if I should review each half separately. This does feel like a season in its own right.

    • After everything the Gov did in episode 7, his storyline was headed for a final confrontation at the prison. Yeah, his story needed to come to a conclusion and not leave it hanging. Anyone on the show including Daryl can get killed off but I’d be surprised if the writers are plotting his death any time soon. Or if the actor who plays Daryl ever gets tired of his role he’ll die or get banished like Carol haha.

      The mid-season finale did a good job of wrapping up the Governor and Prison storyline. I’d think it’ll make sense to review each half separately, I’d definitely be interested in checking it out.

  3. Ended with a huge bang and reminded me why I loved this show so much to begin with. Let’s just hope they don’t screw themselves over again with this remaining-half. Good review.

  4. I enjoyed the episode as well. I definitely didn’t think Judith was killed and thought it odd that Rick jumped to that conclusion without more evidence.

    The Governor’s storyline was a lot of fun and I’m glad Michonne did him in. Herschel felt like he was on borrowed time like you mentioned.

    Think 4.2 will have a Lost vibe where our group is separated and won’t reunite for awhile. Wonder if any will find Carol?

    • I also think that Judith is alive because there wasn’t much concrete evidence. There’s probably an explanation for the blood on the baby seat.

      Yeah, Michonne needed closure, Three people were involved in beating, stabbing and then shooting the Gov! He’s very popular! 😉

      I like that the group is separated and we’ll see different characters interact with each other. It does remind me of Lost, I miss that show! I hope Carol stumbles upon one of the groups or finds Daryl. I wonder if there is any contingency plan on where to meet up if they get separated.

  5. To me it was definitely the episode I was hoping for at the end of Season 3. was it too late, absolutely not – I even like watching the Governor rise from the ashes to show how much of a maniac he really is and that he can not change, no matter the circumstances. Great epi! RIP Hershel.

    • I really liked the Governor episodes and Hershel’s development this season, I wouldn’t want to change any of that. This mid-season finale has a great conclusion that tops the previous season finales. I do have little nitpicks but I can’t complain since it delivered what I wanted. Goodbye Hershel! 🙂

  6. MWAHAHAHAHA love a happy ending 😀

    Hang on, Governor killed Santa and in doing so ruined Christmas. Coal for you! Haha wow that was a cliff hanger, few deaths, few unknowns and A TANK…BOOM!

    Daryl kicking ass as normal and yeah they should have waited until after the mid season break to reveal the Carol thing. Literally got interrupted by a Tank shell, don’t have many shows with that in them 😀

    But overall this is pretty much what I expected from last seasons finale, and oh yeah they LEFT THE PRISON. Shits gonna happen 😀

    Sorry for the late comment, I bookmarked your review and forgot I had done so 😀

    • Haha, do all your happy endings include decapitations, warfare and missing babies? 🙂

      Poor Hershel, he would have made a jolly old Saint Nick. Now that all the survivors don’t have a home, how will the real Santa deliver their presents? Carol doesn’t need to worry about presents, she’s been a very naughty girl this season. 😉

      Do you remember Daryl hardly had any scenes last season finale? That was weird. Good to see what he does best this episode – kick ass! Not even a tank can stop the dude!

      Bye bye prison. So many bodies buried there it could be called a graveyard.

      Looking forward to some crazy stuff happening! No worries about late comment, always fun chatting with ya! 🙂

  7. This episode was CRAZY TENSE!!

  8. I knew Herschel would be killed in this one. No way would the writers let him live after that epic episode a few weeks ago. Will miss him so! Crazy mid-season finale and was a good way to finish up the gov’s storyline. Glad they have left the prison and am looking foward to see what happens when the show returns in February. I’m thinking Judith is still alive – someone must have grabbed her.

    • Hi there. The writers did a good job of building up Hershel so that when he died everyone would feel the impact. So many things happened, it really is a crazy mid-season finale. The end to the Gov’s storyline was evitable and satisfying. For me, he was a really fascinating character who stirred up a whole lot of trouble. The prison was a place with some great storylines but it was time to see what happens when they leave. Yeah, Judith is somewhere out there. Maybe Terra or her girlfriend has the baby?

  9. I always watch these with my brother, so had to wait until we could finally get together to watch this one tonight! The wait was killing me! I really enjoyed it. I was getting a little anxious about how long it took for the assault on the prison to get going. Was worried they would pull some BS on me and make me wait until next year! But once it did I was pretty happy with it.

    The Rick/Gov fight was good and Michonne coming to the rescue really worked. I wasn’t as into Lily finishing him off, but eh… whatever. I really wish this arc is how last year would have finished, but what are you going to do.

    I thought when the kids decided to go get some guns and not get on the bus they were just going to mess things up… haha. Suffice to say I was surprised to see them save Tyrese.

    Also Daryl was such a badass this episode. This was a good way to finish off the year. Hopefully the back half of the season can do some cool stuff with the Gov/prison behind us.

    Great write-up!

    • Cool, you finally got a chance to watch it! Pretty awesome ep. For me, I would find it hard to wait an extra week to find out what happens especially when everyone is talking about it. 🙂

      The episode started with a bit of set up and dialogue, so I was a little worried too. When it finally cut back to the prison group, I was like, “oh yeah, remember them?”.

      I found it a bit peculiar that Lily would carry Megan’s body all the way to the prison … well maybe she drove, but looks like it was to set up her finishing off the Gov. I haven’t read this part in the comics yet but I heard a character by the same name kills the Gov. (Not a spoiler since it already happened on the show).

      The girls with guns was the shocker of the episode to me. Even though Carol wasn’t in the episode, her presence was felt since the she taught the girls how to survive. If it wasn’t for Carol, the girls might not have been capable of rescuing Tyreese.

      It wasn’t a lengthy scene but I’m glad to see Daryl’s reaction to learning of Carol’s banishment. Now that everyone’s split up we might not pick up on the thread. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl goes looking for her.

      Let’s bring on the second half!

  10. visit, read the article and thanks for posting your article is quite good and we hope that all our friends all success and thank you all, greetings. (This is a good thing) 🙂

  11. Excellent review.

    The first part of the season was a bit tough to go through. The ‘sickness arc’ was pulling a bit too much on the bad luck side of the characters. I definitely know Judith is not dead, it’s a mystery who saved her, and it probably will develop into a story arc for the 5th season. I think it will be kept a mystery until the end of this one and beyond. I just know because you can only terminate a limited number of characters for the series to go on soberly, specially with such a closed circle of characters such as this.

    Thanks to this episode I have renewed my faith in The Walking Dead, and it goes right back to my personal top 3 shows running at the moment.

    • Thanks Mister!

      I can see how the you feel about first part of the season. The sickness arc didn’t work for everyone. I did like what the writers did with Carol and Hershel during this arc. Rick and Carl jumped to conclusions; it would be an interesting mystery to find out what really happened to Judith and who saved her. I’ve grown attached to the core survivors and there’s still a lot of possibilities on what to do with them so I hope they don’t killed off before their time.

      I like the new show runner and the mid-season finale makes up for last season’s ending. TWD is in my top 3 currently on air, especially since Breaking Bad is over.

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